I normally like to write about tech topics, but today I come to you with something slightly off of the beaten path. It is the sorrowful tale of a red bull and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Once night we were coding around midnight at the Zinkk office, and John Bellone and I ran over to Quik-Check to get some supplies before they closed. He got 4 red bulls, and inspired by their 2 for 1 sale, I bought one as well. I hadn’t had a Red Bull in a long time, but I thought on this particular night that it would boost my productivity, so I went for it.

John Bellone drank all of the Red bulls, and then drank mine. I said “Did you just drink my Red Bull?”, and he replied (as if planned) “I didn’t know you got one”. Oh, you knew… you knew. Now he seems to somehow have the idea in his head that I owe him a Red Bull. This is completely off base and holds no truth.

Adding insult to injury as he often does, JB spitefully ate the last of my Salt & Vinegar potato chips two nights ago.

Person johnBellone = new Person("John Bellone");
if (Zinkk.boardMembers.contains(johnBellone)) {
  chips --;
  redBull --;

PS: Quik-Check cookies are not a replacement for the damage that has been done.