A while back, Kenny Katzgrau approached me about building a Java Lucene backend for WP Search, the most badass Wordpress search plugin available anywhere. Along with the premium Java backend I was writing, Kenny rewrote the standard PHP version from the ground up, making it faster and more feature-rich. You can now even adjust boosts on individual fields from within the interface!

In October, we released and spoke about WP Search at WordCamp NYC 2010. Our reaction so far has been great, and today we’ve hit an amazing milestone. Our plugin, as of this writing, is installed on 1,000 websites.

I’m really glad everyone is enjoying WP Search as much as we enjoyed writing it. We’ll continue to work to make the plugin easier to install and manage - while keeping your searches just as fast and relevant as they’ve always been with WP Search

Remember - if you have more than 10,000 posts - we have an amazing premium version which can handle up to 500,000 posts. Feel free to reach out to me at john@oconf.org.