A few weeks ago, we had some sensitive data at work that we were passing around, and realized there was a real need for an open source pastebin software that could be installed behind a VPN. I liked the project, so I took it up for fun in my spare time. I wanted to keep the dependencies as small as possible, so I ended up going with a node.js server, backed by files and serving static assets.

The project is called haste-server, and there is a publicly available version at hastebin.com. The response to the project and the concept has been great, and I’ve seen a lot of people using it. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already, and be sure to also look at haste-client, a tiny CLI tool for uploading pastes to hastebin (or a private hastebin). Basic usage of haste-client is like:

$ cat something | haste | pbcopy # mac os
$ cat something | haste | xsel # linux 

After which, a URL with the output of STDOUT for cat something will be placed into your clipboard!

Read more on the about page and let me know what you think!