Happy New Year!

I’m not too big on posts about resolutions, but I had a good one this year that I was hoping I could get some people to share with me. I will make a contribution to an open source project every day this year.

Contributions don’t always have to be time-consuming, and they don’t even have to be code. Its a great thing to give back to the community, and be a part of something.

Today I added support for conflicts_with? to ice_cube. What will you do today? Not much time left.. okay let’s forget today and start tomorrow. Make/contribute to some project, as a way to pay back in for all of the absolutely amazing free software and libraries we have to use every day.

For fun, this reminds me of a project from @kneath and @technoweenie a while back. The Calendar About Nothing tracks consecutive days of commits on github. Let’s bump up those numbers in the Current Streaks section and really make 2012 count!