In case you've been living in a cave, and that cave had no Internet access you've heard about recent legislation giving government and corporations broader ability to censor the Internet (if not see here). It will cost us a lot of money as taxpayers, slow down or shut down startups that are seen as infringing, muck around with DNS servers, all so that these funny cats can't dance to Scatman John anymore. You can get involved! Here are a few ways:
  • SOPA Track is a mobile website by Randy Meech for looking up your Representatives and Senators and tracking how they vote.
  • This Wednesday, there will be an emergency meeting of the NY Tech Meetup outside of the offices of Chuck Shumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (more details here). I'll be there are you should be too!
  • If you don't think your Senators or Representatives use the Internet, write them letters and tell them what the Internet is.