I’ve mentioned this before in talks, but never on the blog so I’d like to share my choice of private git hosting services.

I was a long-time private GitHub subscriber. What I kept running into is that I had a lot of smaller repositories that I wanted to keep around, and I was constantly deleting projects to make room for others. Super annoying.

I’ve since moved everything over to CodePlane. Their model involves restrictions based on storage space rather than repository count. You can have unlimited repositories, and unlimited collaborators.

Caveat: You don’t get anything similar to the GitHub interfaces. So for small teams it probably still makes sense to be on GitHub (where NewCo is). GitHub has a lot of tools centered around teams working. If you find them compelling for the size of your team, they’re amazing. If what you need is as an individual to store a lot of repositories and projects, CodePlane may be a better choice.

They have a 30 day trial with no credit card, and after that its $9 a month. If it fits the bill, give it a shot!