Writing custom code on top of Squarespace can be pretty tricky - depending on a series of work-arounds and thinking through the minimal (but helpful at times) documentation.

One of the niceties of Squarespace is that images are loaded at a size roughly appropriate for the display size. This is done on the fly, and they are available in these sizes:

original, 1500w, 1000w, 750w, 500w, 300w, 100w

You can specify which one you want with a query parameter (?format=300w), but Squarespace also provides a handy library called ImageLoader (documentation) for picking an appropriate size.

Unsurprisingly, the few paragraphs that the Squarespace documentation provides don’t cover all of the options available to you - but I’ve dug into the minified JS code to pull out a list of options that may be helpful.

These options are passed via an object as the second argument to ImageLoader.load, per esemptio:

ImageLoader.load(element, {option: 'value'});


  • Purpose: How to size the image for its container (parentNode must exist)
  • Default: null
  • Value:
    • "fit": fit inside frame
    • "fill": fill frame
    • null: no layout change


  • Purpose: Whether or not to load the image
  • Default: true
  • Value:
    • true: load the image when run
    • false: don’t load the image, don’t load dimensions (unclear why you’d use this lol)
    • "viewport": load and return the property value which you can use to construct a URL


  • Purpose: Set the dimensions directly (especially useful for working with a background image)
  • Default: image dimensions
  • Value: an object containing width and height properties

Finally, I’ll provide a convenient snippet for grabbing the URL for an image sized to a particular dimension & (optional) fill mode. I use jQuery here just for quick readability on the first line - obviously not required:

var fakeImage = $('<img>').attr('data-src', src)[0];
var size = ImageLoader.load(fakeImage, {
  load: 'viewport',
  dimensions: {
    width: w,
    height: h
  mode: 'fill'

var url = src + '?format=' + size;

Good luck, hope this is helpful!